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Victims of Witchcraft Attacks
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Welcome to Breakthrough International Ministries Church, Inc.

Dear Pastors:

The Lord God Almighty is sending survived victims of witchcraft attacks to his church's with testimony, and this testimony will follow with signs and wonders. The Purpose of these testimonies is to drape the saints with awareness and how to fully put on the full armor of God to heal and defeat the enemy of the cross, restore, deliver and bless the saints.  The Lord as called up his servants the team of Wings of An Eagle Christian Ministries, Inc. and Breakthrouth International Ministries Church, Inc. with revival fire evidenced in all testimony.

What you went through, you will list the snares, it is in my glory you walk : Their wickedness touched heaven and my Glory descended. I clothed you with salvation, my power, and shield, the life you have is my life you have on. You are breathing because I died for you to live with me as I live. The over flow of innocence wickedness has not been recorded in history that is why I will speak about it, and yet you did not raise a finger. You trusted in my abiblities to save you and the children. he believed there is no God. He will get away with wickedness. He made himself god, ( IDOL ) and I am a risen Lord. and to all that loose their lives for my sake, I will give them a new life in me.

You tell the greatness of God Almighty and Jesus Christ Awesome grace and anointing bears witness of this testimony for the edification of my church the saints not to perish for lack of knowledge of the schemes of the enemy that invaded the church: ripping apart homes with hurts and troubling families. This testimony has video of the scenes of witchcraft attack of saints, and God Almighty And Jesus Christ presence ( Hosea 4:6 Hebrew ). My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge....... We request that as you ask us to come there is no pre-paid fee's, the Lord as asked us to announce offering to take testimony to others to reach orphans, whose parents died in witchcraft attacks in his church around the world. The offering is optional whether they give of not this is not a mandate not to deliver the testimony. Please also be be willing to adjust your service dates if the date you have chosen is already been assigned to another congregation who requested before us. Live presentation.


Forever serving our Lord Jesus Christ and God Almigty.

Pastor, ( Prophetess )  Felicitas Onyeri

Breakthrough International  Ministries Church, Inc.


Pastor, Prophet Darryl Cunningham


Wings Of An Eagle Christian Ministries, Inc.

P.O. Box 711313 Houston Texas 77271


Pastor, Prophetess Laura Cunningham

Wings Of An Eagle Christian Ministries, Inc.






If you have any questions for me and our organization please let me know.

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Pastor, Prophetess Felicitas Onyeri
President, Executive Director Of
Breakthrough International Ministries Church, Inc.
P.O. Box 35574
Houston Texas 77235
Phone: ( 713 )-376-4290 

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Breakthrough International Ministries Church, Inc.
P.O. Box 35574
Houston Texas, 77235
Telephone Number is : ( 713)-376-4290